ATF Loses Dozens of Guns From 2009-2013

Well I’m willing to bet those dozens of guns “lost”, stolen or misplaced worked their way over the US-Mexican border and have been found by the drug cartels. I’m sure some have been recovered as reported but since Fast & Furious I have a hard time believing someone could leave their gun on top of a car or at a table. As afar as sidearms they are supposed to be holstered, so how did they find their way out onto a roof or table? Who does that? As for long guns & shotguns that may have been “lost” etc are we really expected to believe someone would lay these big things down and forget them? They aren’t pads of paper or coffee mugs… Gun owners do you just carry your gun around in hand and leave it someone where forgetting it?

Sorry I’m not buying this story. It’s just another excuse I have no doubt that is tied to running guns. Let me guess it’s Bush’s fault right president crybaby?