Rep Trey Gowdy: Admin ‘Rewriting the Law’ Through Prosecutorial Discretion

I have been trying to get a grip around the fact the colonies went to war with a dictator to get away from exactly what we are dealing with right now from a leader drunk with power going unchallenged. Emperor obama’s expanded abuse of executive power has spilled over to the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who remains unchallenged by Congress. How many Senate and House hearings are we going to have to sit through until someone finally decides to take action? You do know under Article II Sect IV the Atty General can be impeached?! It has as much of a success as impeaching obama but no one is even talking about it!

When you have liberal Constitutional scholars like Jonathan Turley in agreement with honorable representatives like Trey Gowdy we are clearly in a Constitutional crisis. You would think Congress would be alarmed with this abuse of power because someday a republican will be in power who might bypass Congress as emperor obama and his enforcer Holder are doing.