Obama vs Obama on Executive Orders

BO Anti-ConstitutionThe lies and broken promises that have come from this guy in 5 years is staggering, just think we have 3 more years of his tyranny! The imperial president lied about ending abuse of executive orders to get elected. To this day he remains unchallenged to where he now takes another step in fundamental transformation by issuing executive orders at will that are changing laws of the land. As pointed out Bush was bad but obama has surpassed Bush and other presidents for his clear disregard for laws he doesn’t like he will change.

When we have a Congress that is self-serving and impotent sitting back as he makes them irrelevant, a federal court system that has become politically correct, what options are left for the people to put an end to tyranny???

We are in a de facto state of pre-civil war! When you see Congress members getting physical with each other time will be short…