Fmr Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy: Obama Overstepping Constitutional Authority

We are going in circles with the occupier in chief violating the law 24/7. The US is a Banana Republic and worst off by their lack of action to stop him Congress is complicit with these violations. I think many on Congress are feeling shell-shocked following the govt shutdown. Repube-icans allowed the left to get away with murder in taking the blame for the Reid/ obama shutdown. Now that things are worse now than they were in October no one in DC is willing to go after the imperial emperor.

Defunding obamacare didn’t work, impeachment is off the table because of reasons explained above, especially since the Senate is under Reids control, even though the will of the American to impeach obama exists. McCarthy advises that Congress should cut the money off, but how? The House just put through a debt ceiling increase with 193 demoncrats and 28 turncoat French republicans! You cannot even get party loyalty to put a stop to increasing the debt limit, how in God’s name can Congress cut the money off to the regime?!!

I’m sorry but you did this to yourself America…. We’re screwed because too many of you insist on re-electing the same guys and gals over and over again. We’re screwed because you allow the naysayers to convince people in these SOB’s districts you can’t muster the support to recall them. We’re screwed because 3 million of you acted like little babies Nov 6th 2012 stayed home allowing obama to have a second term. YES Mitt Romney was no star but he would not be waving the magic pen violating the law 24/7 like this guy occupying the oval office! YOU DID THIS!