Treasury Looks to Limit Political Activities of Tax Exempt Groups

The imperial regime has been emboldened from the lack of backlash and Congressional action to take any and all action to silence anyone who opposes them. The IRS scandal has been trivialized because Congress wants to hold a 1000 hearings and talk about it instead of charging someone or people with a crime…. just like Fast & Furious. So because they are impotent and nothing really has come about this abuse of power the regime continues to target conservative groups and make it harder for those seeking or with tax exempt status engaged in political activity.

And you want to know who is to blame for Congress’ lack of action? YOU ARE! They know all they have to do is put a show on to demonstrate “they tried to get to the bottom” to only walk away a few months later because YOU won’t hold them accountable. YOU do not put enough pressure on your elected leaders to get answers. Congress does not fear YOU so they do just enough to get by! Where are the primary challengers? Where are the recall petitions for those not up for re-election?? Oh that’s right America you’re too busy someone else will do it. Just remember that when you start bitching like a little baby about how corrupt DC is. YOU made them this way!