Behold the “Warrior For the Middle Class” in All of His Opulence

BO State Dinner

This dress his majesty’s wife is wearing is $12,000…

Moochelle $12000 dress
….Americans living in poverty make $11,490/yr. Yes, she is wearing a dress that costs more money than what people who are struggling make in a year she and her husband claim to be champions of!

white house state dinner white house state dinner1

How well did you eat last night? This is what they had to look forward to….

It’s their money they can spend it as they want on clothing etc but DO NOT lecture me, successful evil rich capitalists and the American people about how we should live and what we should do with our money! Do not run on and on about income inequality calling for the redistribution of wealth when you throw lavish dinners like this. The irony of this lavish opulent dinner is that it is in honor of French President Hollande, whose predecessors once said “let them eat cake!”

I want to know how much this State dinner cost the American people? Potus only makes $400K per year, the obama’s are worth about $12million (for now it will spike when he leaves office). I want to know how much of their personal wealth paid for this dinner and how much we the people in a stealth depression are on the hook for?