McRINO ‘Won’t Give Up’ on Immigration

In 1986 Congress duped Pres Reagan to grant amnesty with the promise of securing the border but more importantly, to them, the idea hispanic voters would flock to the republican party. That never happened and it never will even if ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY was passed tomorrow. McRINO and all the progressives looking to get an immigration bill through against the will of the people care only about creating a permanent voting class to stay in power. They do not care about the negative economic and social impact it will have on the country.

John McCain’s service to this country 40 years ago does not excuse him from being held responsible for aiding in the nations destruction today. I stand by my comments that his mental state needs to be questioned because we don’t really know what was done to him while imprisoned during the Vietnam war. AZ republicans have already censured him, he needs to be ousted from the republican party, better yet removed from Congress!