Obama v O’Reilly Round 2: Fox News is Absolutely Unfair to Me, “Probably Not” Most Liberal Pres in US History

This is the second part of the Super Bowl interview that wasn’t aired. Remember O’Reilly is on the emperors turf so if you’re expecting a Barney Frank style throw down it’s not going to happen. Those criticizing Bill O over these expectations they created have only themselves to blame.

On poverty babies born out-of-wedlock and the disintegration of that family unit – obama claims he has addressed it, of course he blames the coney and lack of jobs as part of the cause. It’s HIS economy folks!

Keystone Pipeline – said he will take a look at it after it has been made clear there will be no detrimental ecological impact. He just whined about the economy, this would create jobs you would think he would say “yes I’m going to green light it”!

Fox News – the petulant child whined saying Bill and the network are hard on him. Why because they tell the truth, report the news and aren’t bought and paid for?!

Asked if he is most liberal POTUS in US history – The one time he answers a “yes” or “no” style question and his answer was NO! Says Nixon was more liberal than he was by starting the EPA etc, hasn’t massively expanded the welfare state, admits he got financial assistance to go to college! Too bad we are not allowed to see those records to verify!

Lastly Bill complimented obama on his help with veteran charity activities, millions have been raised to help many wounded warriors through several Factor auctions. obama said his biggest honor is serving as Commander and Chief… if so why did he sign a budget that cut veterans benefits?!

This second video is to address all the whiners out there about the interview. It’s clear nothing will make the majority of you happy…