Rush: GOP Want a Narrow Win With Amnesty, to Anger TEA Party

This theory Rush lays out about the republicants not wanting to win the midterms by a landslide I believe is highly possible. They are that stupid to gamble with our lives and the nation’s security not to mention be so spiteful to alienate themselves from the TEA Party and true conservatives.

This push for ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY as warned last year by House rebels cannot be permitted to come to the floor. Rep Culberson stated a few days ago that if the majority of the majority is against amnesty it will not move forward. Keep a close eye on the establishment GOP ever since RubioCare was initiated they have been doing a back and forth supporting it: “We think it will pass” “I don’t think immigration reform will go this year”, “we have support” “not enough caucus members supporting it”. The one constant is our voice and you know the progressives would love to get this through to secure some new voters since we are all on to them.