Group Tied to facebooks Zuckerberg Pushing For Amnesty

All of you out there from small little mom and pop shops to large corporations who buy the Boost Post/ Promote Your Post for your facebook posts and content do realize YOUR MONEY is being funneled to fund ads like this and organizations pushing for ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY?

Let me be clear Zuckerberg isn’t the only one funding this movement but because of the new policies his company has implemented (which is borderline extortion as page owners have experienced anywhere from 50-80% drop in their reach) someone has to say something!

The money you pay for Boost/Promote goes to facebook, a portion of that money regardless of how small you may think ends up in Mark Zuckerberg’s income (keep in mind he made $3.2 BILLION last year). Zuckerberg then uses a portion of his income (which is his right) to fund organizations working to further the immigration agenda of progressives!

fb advertisingI get it, I understand you have businesses to run and by all means buy the advertising space that appears all over <<facebook on the borders etc., but to pay to have your posts seen by followers is absurd; especially now that you know he uses YOUR money to further the lefts agenda!

What is the logic in Liking a page if you won’t see the content unless that page owner succumbs to facebook’s new policies to buy placement on your News Feed?! Yes for those wondering there is a reason you don’t see posts from the pages you Liked! facebook is making page owners pay for you to see their content in your News Feed!


I’m all for capitalism and Mark has the right to do with his money what he wants but take this as a buyer beware type of post. When you purchase anything consider who and what is behind that company your money is going to! You need to understand where they stand politically and if it meshes with your views!

Advocacy group targets House GOP on immigration
by Donna Cassata|Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — An advocacy group affiliated with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a nationwide ad on Monday that implores House Republicans to act this election year on legislation overhauling the nation’s immigration system.

“Why are House Republicans cooling, retreating and even privately saying they’d rather do nothing this year?” the 60-second spot asks, then adds, “Nothing won’t do. Call House Republicans today. Tell them we’ve waited long enough, pass immigration reform.”

The commercial comes as rank-and-file House Republicans are reluctant to tackle the divisive issue in the months leading up to the midterm congressional elections, wary that a high-profile fight will undercut their upbeat prospects for increasing their majority in the House and seizing control of the Senate.

House GOP leaders unveiled a set of principles on immigration in January, but the optimism among advocates was dashed when Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, blamed GOP distrust of President Barack Obama for the House’s inability to move forward on legislation.

The new commercial is slated to run in all 50 states at a cost of $500,000. Council for American Job Growth, an affiliate of the group, is sponsoring the ad. Zuckerberg launched the advocacy group with the support of Silicon Valley titans such as Bill Gates and Sean Parker and the organization has been one of the most active on the immigration issue..more