Mark Levin Plays Exclusive Audio of Fmr Gov Dick Lamm’s “I Have a Plan to Destroy America” 2003 Speech

I posted the text of this speech back in January when Levin fist mentioned it. This IS the blueprint for the radical lefts takeover of America. Everything fmr Gov Dick Lamm lays out is happening in this country perfectly especially with regards to illegal alien immigration. Where is the counter movement? Why is Levin the only one who has shared this speech?

Folks have to speak out expose the left show the naysayers how badly they are being duped. Everything the opposition has subscribed to with good faith is all part of a master plan to even undermine them! We have seen examples of those who once followed the lefts ideology religiously who have seen the light. Don’t waste time trying to convert provide the information like this 2003 speech where those on the fence will decide to joins us or fight us. Fact is those who do get the truth end up joining us!

Progressives are dangerous, manipulative vile things that must be stopped. The best way for us to do that is to turn their own against them!