Minister of Health Again Tries to Rewrite Her 7M ObamaCare Goal

Where are the success stories? Why isn’t the regime marching people on tv telling stories about how wonderful life is now that they have affordable health care? Oh that’s right there really aren’t any maybe one or two but for the most part people are paying higher premiums and deductibles. Take note during the Ministers response she didn’t blame the CBO like she previously did! Uh oh did she forget her script? During that Sept 30 interview she never said anything about the 7m figure for success was calculated by the CBO. It wasn’t until failure and disaster set in that she blamed them for that number but oddly she leaves it out today!

Fact is there aren’t millions of people with affordable healthcare, there are 6.5 million who have lost their plans who are now paying double if not triple what they use to be paying along with losing their doctor! This radical administration won’t even tell the country of the 4.2 million that have signed up how many of them are actually enrolled! If you haven’t paid a premium you don’t have coverage!