Obama to Low-Income Americans Who Can’t Afford Obamacare: Cancel Your Cable and Phones

or sign up for Medicaid! Then again as I understand it the govt gets first dibs on your estate when you die if you are 55-64 and enrolled in Medicaid to cover all the expenses you racked up…

Anyway America it’s your fault you cannot afford the Affordable Care Act! So what premiums are going up higher from their already unaffordable level! You need to cut out all that wasteful household spending! Cut that cell phone bill down, you don’t need to call anyone or send tons of texts! Get yourself an obamaphone or better yet buy some stamps use snail mail (USPS)! Cable tv bill is too much? Get rid of it get a digital receiver to watch free tv, then you won’t be burdened with all those channels especially Fox News and their misinformation. I’m sure you could cut back on your food expenses and only get the essentials which will have you right in line with Moochelles nutrition/ diet guidelines. Driving a gas guzzler get rid of it and get a GM (Govt Motors) electric car! There are plenty of areas for you to cut back to afford barackobamacare! [sarcasm]

Hmm notice where I was going with all of the above? Cut out the luxuries and rely on all the govt provided programs and services. You see that is one of the many things obamacare is designed to do: To make people dependent on govt from what they eat to what they drive, obamacare is designed to control ones life. The emperor has a lot of nerve to tell someone living paycheck to paycheck to cut out wasteful spending. Middle class to lower class income Americans are living on bare bone minimums as it is. They have already stopped spending what they don’t have. Maybe 0 and Congress ought to practice what they preach!

Folks there won’t be any shock and awe moment when fundamental transformation is complete. It is being implemented very subtlety so folks won’t notice until one day your living in a new world with lots of restrictions and those you elected will have more power dictating how you live all for your safety! This law has got to be repealed and that won’t happen with this current Congressional roster. We need a supermajority of conservatives elected to repeal it and override a presidential veto. It’s on you to make that happen with 8 mos to go until election day!