Obama: Russia on the Wrong Side of History, Actions Violating International Law

Yeah in other words he has no plan! This is what happens when you have a foreign policy designed by an unqualified community organizer who never held a real job! It’s just more drivel from the blabbering idiot occupying the white house. Emperor 0’s foreign policy allowed Putin to invade into the Ukraine the day he yanked the missile defense plan. When he was contemplating taking action in Syria obama handed the leadership role over to Russia which was more or less a symbolic handing over of superpower status to a thug. Now the boy king is going to push for sanctions against Russia which will do what exactly? Does he really think he can hurt Putey Pute? Putin is ex-KGB, he is playing obama and the world for fools knowing no one will take him on.

No one is going to step in to stop Putin from taking over the Ukraine and risk war. There is no one in the EU willing to take up that fight and the once mighty US, under obama is dismantling its military, will turn its back to its allies should they fall under the Russian machine.