ObamaCare Plans Are Too Expensive For The Uninsured It Was Created For

It’s shows like this Larry Kudlow has done on CNBC, (which is an arm of the imperial propaganda network) showing obamacare to be the failure it is, that probably got his show canceled!

Only 1 in 10 uninsured signed up for healthcare through the exchanges. 4 million people have signed up for barackobamacare but of that 475,000 were uninsured to begin with that actually signed up from the 20-30 million that were said to be uninsured this crap law was created to help! So why aren’t the 10’s of millions of people who need healthcare signing up?? Why are there only 475k uninsured Americans signed up? Take note I said signed up not enrolled! It’s no secret everyone in the US knows about this crap law since Nancy Pelosi and the closet communists rammed it down our throats 5 years ago. Now that implementation is kicking in, when his majesty isn’t delaying it, folks are seeing the truth that it costs too much… just like so many of us warned.

Obamacare is an epic failure that will bring down the US healthcare system and economy completing fundamental transformation on the economic side.