Judge Pirro: Obama Committed Fraud Against Americans, Lying His Way Into the White House

“Mr. President you lied to get here. You’ve been outsmarted, outclassed and out-punched by a KGB tough guy and as far as I’m concerned this contract is null and void!”

Pirro graces us with another takedown of obama over his failures in foreign policy and even questions the validity of his presidency since everything that has come out of his mouth is a bona fide lie! For those thinking Pirro went the birther route move on I’m not even going to entertain that smokescreen so many fell for. The Judge’s position on his majesty committing fraud is based on his constant lies and deception which many in the legal world would agree is fraudulent. He filled the airwaves with never-ending lies all to get re-elected; telling people a video no one watched was responsible for Benghazi, they could keep their healthcare and doctor, Al Qaeda is on the run and his deception about the potential threat Russia to name a few.

Like the Judge says obama is an embarrassment on the world stage drawing red lines that get trampled on by our enemies who trashes American exceptionalism at every turn. His actions embolden nations around the world even going as far as to transfer American wealth. If the avg American voter knew this mans intentions, knew he would put their security at risk and shift their jobs overseas maybe they would have chosen the lesser evil in 2012.