Rep Mike Rogers: Putin’s Playing Chess We’re Playing Marbles

Obama isn’t playing marbles he isn’t even playing the game at this point and it is putting the US in a very dangerous position. Our enemies around the world view him being very weak, lacking the will for action with his empty threats. They will capitalize off of everything he is not doing! You do not go around drawing red lines and then do nothing, but what do you expect from a potus who skips the national security meeting following the invasion of another country!


Emperor obama is destroying all the relationships and accomplishments of all Presidents before him especially Reagan. Congress remaining silent, doing nothing now has blood on their hands. There is more than enough “dirt” out on obama to impeach him or even try him for treason (aiding and abetting our enemies in Syria). Harry Reid controlling the Senate who would crush impeachment is complicit with these lawless and dangerous actions by the emperor and so are all the demoncrats in the Senate. Even though it would be futile and fail, impeachment should be initiated on obama for history’s sake. It needs to be on record that the majority of the country is against emperor obama’s policies and actions as we see the beginnings of the return of the Soviet Empire!