Rush: Millions Are Losing Health Insurance

This caller, Scott with auto-immune disorder, is another example of how obamacare is screwing Americans. Maybe if he cancels his cell phone and cable bill and doesn’t eat he will be able to afford barackobamacare. I’m sure Harry Reid will call a guy like this a liar and this horror story is made up!

All you obama voters who fell for the lies TWICE whatever happens to this guy and countless others just like him, their blood is on your hands. You did this! You voted for obama and the demoncrats who rammed this crap law down the nations throat! You played a role in destroying the healthcare system and jobs! Companies are now having to make tough choices just to keep the doors open like this example!

And you know what the worst part about all of this is? The GOP, ALL OF THEM (establishment & conserve), are silent! They are doing nothing to help us with the doubling and tripling of premiums and deductibles. They offer no solutions to counter the damage while Employers are up against a wall. Should employers pay for the coverage and go out of business? Do they pay for the coverage but cut employees loose to cover the costs? Do they do what happened in this case leaving a guy like Scott on his own?! This law is wrong on so many levels, we’re just in the beginning and NO ONE is doing anything about it!