BLM Calls Off Cattle Roundup in Nevada Ranch Standoff

The feds know they are pushing the envelope on this and are standing down! It will be interesting to find out exactly what they were doing with the backhoes where many believe the BLM was destroying Bundy’s cattle and burying them. Don’t graze on the land because of turtle and the taxes you refuse to pay but we will come along and kill cattle for no legitimate reason!! Save the turtles kill the cows!?? By the way what is the reason they made the area a no fly zone? Ok I get it they don’t want locals buzzing the feds but this also means the media couldn’t get in there either! WHY? It’s not like the ranchers and protestor don’t know where the sniper teams are set up so any claims of security is a joke.

This whole thing stinks and I would like to know who owns the land? Who owns America, the people or the federal govt?! Aren’t we the people the federal govt? This standoff was an issue over govt overreach, abuse of power, excessive use of force and a question of state rights. I get it I understand Bundy owes taxes but does that justify an ARMY setting up camp over some cattle grazing?! The land all the animals that exist on it has been here long before any of us, there hasn’t been any problems. They maintain the ecosystem but here comes Uncle Sam who feels the needs to take it and say pay up!