Judge Jeanine Pirro Goes Nuclear on Fmr CIA Head Mike Morrell

Judge Pirro unleashed hell on former CIA Director Mike Morrell for his lies to the American and Congress in changing the Benghazi talking points. The Judge did not hold back ripping Morrell apart for the deceptive role he played in pushing lies not only on the country but the world! This guy removed all mention of al Qaeda & islamic terrorists/ism front he talking points, makes you wonder who he was really trying to protect? Thankfully Pirro gave “Mr CIA” a little history lesson making it clear Morrell perjured himself and then calling him a political whore!

IMO Morrell is a perfect example of all that is wrong with DC. As Pirro states he sold his soul for money, to help advance Obamas re-election and Hillary’s 2016 campaign (which I’m sure he is hoping for an appointment in her admin). The only thing these monsters in DC care about is what they can get out of the job for themselves. Most of us take a job to make money, but when you go to serve your nation money should not be a motivator. Our troops do not join the military to get rich, they join the military to serve and defend our nation. Politicians of the past use to think that way and dread having to come to DC to handle the nation’s business but they did it because they cared. Now the entire system has been perverted by greed and those hungry for power who couldn’t careless about the people only what they can get for themselves… Folks it is time to clean DC out!