Obama Accusing GOP of Making it Harder For People to Vote

The master of divide and conquer spreading more lies at the nation racist convention! There is NO voter suppression, hell there was apparently massive voter fraud in North Carolina! Obama and his radical ilk like Sharpton and Lewis know calling people racists wins them more political power stopping laws to require voters have ID. So in typical Alinsky fashion they keep hammering away because people are afraid to engage them for fear of being called a racist. So Ill make it easy for you president CRYBABY, I am RACIST because I am in favor of voter ID law. However I do have a solution to this problem which will nullify the whole debate both sides could agree on, but we will leave that for another day!

Let’s be honest America the boy king and his enablers do not want people to produce ID when they vote because he likes it when there is 110% voter turnout, the dead and cartoon characters vote. He knows with the coming midterm election and how pissed off everyone is in the country with DC a lot of people will be voting threatening his power. His majesty and the demoncrats need all the living, dead and fictional bodies they can muster to show up at the polls.