Eric Holder Plays Race Card: What AG & POTUS Have Ever Been Treated This Way

This is outrageous but not unexpected from a race hustler like Holder speaking at Al “I’m a Rat” Sharpton’s National Action Network convention. If I recall Holder is the one that had an attitude during the House Judiciary Committee with Louie Gohmert, so I’m not to sure what treatment he is whining about?! He is the one who is stonewalling Congress withholding documents on Fast & Furious, refusing to prosecute criminal etc!

Holder and obama are being treated “this way” not because of the color of their skin but because they show ZERO respect towards the rule of law, Constitution, Congress and the American people. Both act above the law daily and expect to be given respect because of the titles they hold!? Sorry “BUDDY” but respect is earned not given!

Eric Holder should be impeached for his constant stonewalling on Fast & Furious, refusing to investigate the IRS & prosecute the Black Panthers, weaponizing the DOJ to go after enemies obama and countless other abuses of power. He is by far the most corrupt Attorney General we’ve ever had, not surprising right next to the most corrupt president the country has ever had! They are getting the treatment they deserve!