Rush: Once Gov’t Totally Controls Health Care Is When Death Panels Come Into Forefront Existence

The emperor mocked obamacare opponents saying armageddon has not arrived and death panels don’t exist. First off the death panel does exist it is called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). You have to understand, if you don’t already, obama is using Alinsky tactics to trivialize this fact. He makes a joke and mockery of it attacking those pointing a fact out so his drone army will never investigate on their own; they will learn when it’s too late though!

The horror stories we have seen about cancer patients and others very sick getting thrown off their healthcare plans, losing their doctors and access to meds is an indirect example of death panels. To this day we still don’t know who wrote obamacare but one can argue a panel of people wrote it and that panel has made life and death decisions buried in this law, so it may be a stretch by I’d call them a death panel! There are people who have died because of their insurance being directly affected by this law written by a panel of people, again I would call that a death panel. Once everyone is under the govts thumb for healthcare you can be sure you will be denied care at some point in your life. This law is based on of Ezekiel Emanuel’s complete lives system which is a rationing of care designed to weed out the unhealthy/ unwanted! This is what Rush is explaining in this clip really and we are now on course for a government that “will act as the payee, the single payer” to become a reality in the coming years.

All you obamarhoids out there have no clue what you have done to this nation but you will and will pay a dire price for the destruction you played a hand in!