Wasserman Schultz Sees No ‘Glaring’ Problem with Obamacare to Fix

No problems at all! Website hasn’t world since day one, crashed multiple times on the final day to signup. Premiums have doubled and tripled for people who before the law was implemented had award time paying. Deductibles have also doubled taking ones yearly out-of-pocket cost to an avg of $10,000 before any of the alleged benefits kick in. Single gay men now have maternity care and senior citizens now have pediatric dental and vision they so desperately wanted because their “crappy old plans”. People with previous existing conditions have been denied coverage. Cancer patients have lost coverage, access to life-giving meds or their doctors that know their history keeping them alive… No, no problems at all!

Have you noticed the dems who rammed this crap law down our throats have yet to produce 1, O N E success story! There aren’t any. The majority of sign ups to barackobamacare are those who already had an insurance policy that had to replace it after their policy was cancelled. The sign ups are not of the 30 million without insurance in the US this law was made for. So yes America the healthcare system for the entire nation of 310 million was WRECKED BY DEMOCRATS to provide insurance to approx 1-2 million people who didn’t have insurance!