Welcome to the United Police States of America: Federal Agents Taser Bundy Ranch Protestors

This all started over the govt taking land in 1993 that the Bundy family has had access to since the late 1870’s in which their cattle graze. The land has been deemed a protected habitat for the desert turtle where Bundy’s cattle can still graze as long as they pay the grazing tax. The family has refused to pay the tax which has ballooned according to the feds to $1.3 million, keep in mind to run this operation of armed govt agent stormtroopers and removing the cattle the cost will be over $3 million! Yea that’s the govt for you proving they cannot run anything!

Anyone see a problem with this right off the bat? If the grazing zone is deemed a habitat for a turtle how does paying a tax all of a sudden make it safe for the desert turtle? Grazing cattle theoretically are “destroying” said habitat are they not? But the govt sees a rancher paying a grazing tax as a remedy but makes no effort to restore the “damaged” areas! Typical govt hypocrisy!

This is an incredibly dangerous slope we are on.

Take note one of the protestors screaming at the BLM rangers is making it clear who the aggressors are and it isn’t the unarmed people! Throwing a woman to the ground, repeated tasering of unarmed protestors who are no threat to armed stormtroopers with attack dogs is asking for trouble! With the current high level of disapproval for govt coupled with the prevalence of the internet, social media, 24/7 new coverages this standoff is going to escalate extremely fast. What you are witnessing are the early stages of what is referred to as the Bubba Effect

Yea remember when Beck warned about it even pointing out a rancher protecting his property and everyone mocked him over it! Well it’s coming to fruition now! Regardless of the true issue at hand whether one has broken the law or not people are so fed up they will come to another’s aid to defend them. When this footage goes viral, and more like it is to come, you can be sure the call to arms out already by citizen patriots is going to increase where the numbers will double if not triple. If a shot is fired by the feds be prepared for a conflict, the people of this nation are completely fed up with govt violations in every aspect of our lives and will not allow another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

The only advice I can give those rushing to support the Cliven Bundy and his family is be careful and have the law on your side. Do not keep the govt stormtroopers the edge, you have to be one step ahead of them. Keep cool use your heads, the protestors in this video won this battle running the rangers out without any violence on their part! There is a right way to do this but REMEMBER the Battle of Athens