Welcome to the United Police States of America: TSA Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old

The poster of this video, khanzahir100, wrote that he was selected for a TSA pat down because of his name. He then stated that because his wife and children touched/ came in close contact with him the TSA had to pat them down as well!

There is no logical, reasonable explanation for the continued abuse of power coming from this federal govt and their thug airline security force the TSA towards children. They want to pat down someone because how their name sounds fine whatever that is something to debate about another time but last time I checked the TSA said they weren’t profiling based on name, race etc! So is it safe to assume the TSA is now profiling people based on their name, race etc? We were told people are selected for pat downs at random! If El-Al did this none of their flights would leave on time! Where is the data to support a 2 & 6 year old pose a threat to national security? Where are the reports of children this young bombing airplanes? How many 2 & 6 year olds have strapped suicide bombs to their bodies killing dozens? How many attacks are committed by children and toddlers in the US?

The 6-year-old is wearing leggings there is no way she has anything dangerous on her but the TSA feels the need to molest her? Take note of the brainwashing the 2 year receives where he is excited about receiving a sticker for submitting to the State! That is full-blown indoctrination to condition children to submit through a CHEAP reward system!

Mom’s and Dad’s WHY do you allow your children to be MOLESTED by the federal govt? Where is the outrage? To be silent is to speak!

The TSA needs to go or be completely revamped under the direction of El Al. Yes that’s right I said we should get the Israelis to head up our airline security they have clue! When was the last time they had a hijacking? Exactly! They are experts and should be brought in on how to properly run the TSA. Most of them are ex-military not rejects from mall security! (Sorry I’m sure there are some competent people in TSA but the ones I’ve encountered scare me where I wouldn’t want them patrolling my local mall!) We have thousands of unemployed men and women from the military who would welcome a job continuing the duty they swore to protect and defend. Why not have El Al train our military vets on how to screen air travelers and put them in airports instead of these rent-a-cops? Unfortunately this nation will have to endure more pain until people wake up.