Boehner & Pelosi Resist Calls for Shinseki to Resign

Does anyone need to see anymore examples as to why Boehner needs to go? He and Pelosi, both progressives, think alike it’s their delivery that is different but the end result is almost always the same. In any other time or industry the individual in charge would be the first to go but not in the obama era. Instead those responsible for scandals and epic failures are left in play to do more damage, take more blame keeping attention off everyone else involved. Makes you wonder what the two of them are cooking up right now while everyone is focused on this newest scandal!?

Some pundits will make the argument “if you get rid of Shinseki who will take over?” Well we don’t know but hopefully someone competent that both parties could agree on. Unlike other appointments this is one you can be sure demoncrats and republicants will make sure the right person is confirmed. Don’t hold your breath though this govt has made keeping bad administrators in play the new norm.