Gen Vallely: Amb Stevens Was in Benghazi to Arm Al Qaeda Backed Libyan Rebels, ‘Botched Arms Deal’

We know since 2011 the obama regime has been sending arms to Libya and whitewashing it via Sen McCain and stories of “sending aid”. But now names are being named and what is interesting is those in the know are being silenced. We heard Trey Gowdy and Frank Wolf both state those involved have been silenced and hidden away! The General suggests to Steve Malzberg to look into a potential key player, Mike Turi, who is under a sealed indictment by the State Department, according to the General, was involved with the arms deal.

The act of arming Libyan rebels backed by al Qaeda is no different from directly arming al Qaeda and other terror groups! The admin armed terrorists, enemies of the US, to remove Gaddafi and then sent the CIA in to recover those weapon as Glen Doherty told ABC News! We have a bona fide case of an act of treason committed by this administration!

All we need is one or two people to come forward and name names within the State Dept and obama admin to bring this House of Cards down once and for all. The magnitude of this story is why the regime has worked so hard to bury it. They know there is no way to survive politically… legally; people will go to jail IF the truth comes out.

The only way the truth will come out is for those sitting on the fact to come forward. I know they are waiting to use what they know to bail themselves out if something bigger ever happens or get themselves a promotion. So yes I am saying those who know enough are only looking out for themselves. I’d like to remind them they swore an oath to this nation and in being silent they are betraying that oath! For once in your lives do the right thing and come forward. If you, your family have been threatened by this admin etc go to Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, or others in Congress we know can be trusted and ask for protection. As a matter of fact going public could be the safest and wisest thing you could do! If anything were to happen to any true whistleblowers we the people would know without a doubt who is responsible.