Trey Gowdy: I Want to See Every Solitary Document on Benghazi

The best thing Rep Issa did was making Trey Gowdy the chairman of the select committee to investigate Benghazi. The demoncrats are not happy because he is a competent former prosecutor not some partisan hack that they would normally cough up to bury an issue!

People though need to manage their expectations with this investigation to not expect the best outcome! Gowdy himself is expecting to see all the original documents but as we know already the regime has tried to pass off redacted information to hide the truth from Congress. He points out his hopes that all the documents have not been destroyed, but I warn you now to expect that! Tommy Vietor demonstrated his as well as many within the regime are prepared to lay on their swords to protect emperor obama. The destruction of documents that point fingers at individuals will happen if it hasn’t already. We can only hope some of the witnesses Gowdy knows of will come forward with proof that will point to individuals Congress will be able to hold accountable. It will be quite entertaining to hear the regime say information doesn’t exist only to have a witness come forward in possession of something that was claimed gone! All I can say in the months to come is hope for the best but prepare for the worst!