Fox Confirms Stunning 7 Page WH Email Exchange on Benghazi

The more that is uncovered thanks to Judicial Watch the deeper this thing goes pointing to what we have known all along orders came from the oval office.

Now you know why the regime hates Fox and has all their minions attacking the network almost daily. They do not want the truth out of the roll this regime played to bury what Chris Stevens was doing in Benghazi. They want everyone fixated on the video that was blamed for the attack and the circus built around that lie. Why Fox will not pursue the gun running angle is beyond me.

The information is out there on legit sites from Reuters to ABC! Love him or hate him but Glenn Beck’s investigative wing, For the Record, uncovered who the regime was running guns to our enemies; a position Beck has held since Sept 17 2012! This is the story obama does not want out. That his admin was involved in running guns to our enemies where IMO he chose to let four men die rather than risk their testimony in front of a House and/or Senate committee as to what in the hell they were doing in Benghazi in the first place. Stevens knew too much and was left for dead along with anyone else around him!

That is the real story America! Any real investigative journalists out there want to get their Pulitzer? Better yet anyone in DC ready to uphold their oath and bring some justice to the four killed, their families and the people who have been deceived all so obama could secure his re-election on a mountain of lies??