Fmr NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor to Bret Baier on Benghazi: ‘Dude This is Like Two Years Ago’, Admits Obama Not in Situation Room

This little punk must wake up everyday bowing to a picture of obama. Listen to this kid make poor pathetic excuses and dodge straight questions, claiming he doesn’t remember making changes to talking points, over what happened in Benghazi. He proves that those working for the regime are devout followers to his majesty prepared to fall on their sword to protect him.

This kid isn’t too smart on multiple levels from going on a national tv show looking like an either grader saying “dude” and then trivializing the MURDER of four Americans but then he makes an admission the regime will not be happy about. In his glory of being a complete smartass Vietor admits obama was not in the situation room during the Benghazi attack, bt somewhere in the white house! Somewhere! Like in bed maybe because he couldn’t careless! This is typical though of progressive radicals who swear allegiance to obama. You see they are so full of themselves so arrogant they run their mouths a little too much and then the truth comes out. Now we know for a fact obama couldn’t careless what happened during the attack, that the Commander-in-Chief had more important things to do apparently than oversee an attack on a US outpost leaving four men dead and many more injured!