Rush: Obama is Really Cold and Calculating Guy

The correspondents dinner is an elitist gathering allowing his royal majesty to roast his enemies. In previous years it was something amusing where previous POTUS’ were joke about themselves but with obama in power it is his opportunity to be nasty in a nice way and get away with it. The jokes weren’t funny and you could hear it in the audience that they applauded and laughed to comply and be “one of the guys”. His majesty would take his cheap shots and just let the crowd stew on it instead of moving on. This shows how methodical, cold and calculated he truly is his delivery is whats interesting to pay attention to. Obama lives for the power trip he gets from going after his detractors invoking race, birther jokes etc. Nothing obama does is on the fly, it’s all planned out, the few times he has gone off script you know with the massive amount of stuttering and lies he tells.