Arizona State “Demon Child” Attacks Religious Protestor

Why is this posted? I want people to listen to this Arizona State student because he IS most likely the product of liberals and progressives. The whining, carrying on, more or less throwing a temper tantrum (you would normally see from a 4yr old) over a religious sign that he deems “offensive” justifies this demon child’s physical attack on someone invoking their First Amendment rights.

Listen to the outright rage but also the growling and whiny squealing of someone you must conclude has always gotten what he wants! A spoiled brat, a product of the progressive entitlement generation who has never been told NO! Everything this kid did is synonymous with the typical tactics of the left. They get enraged, scream and holler to instill fear in their opponent, when that doesn’t work they get physical!

We have allowed the left through threats of political correctness, being labeled a racist, bigot, hater, anti-social etc to socially engineer an entire generation of youth who are like this ASU student. They have their heads buried in their smartphones or tablets. They don’t play sports because they are too violent. They don’t know how to do anything for themselves because someone has always been there to do it for them. “NO” does not exist in any part of their lives. This leads to pressure cooker of emotions & feelings when they encounter someone they’re incapable of debating and dealing with whom they vehemently disagree with. They know only to verbally and then physically attack if they don’t get their way. This kid is a textbook example of everything progs have been working on, who are now stepping up their efforts via Common Core and other methods of indoctrination, to advance their agenda.