CNN: Mass Killers Mental Illness Combined With Inflated Egos is Result of White Privilege

This was by far one of the biggest loads of crap I have heard to date. While mental illness is pointed out pointing the finger of blame to white privilege is pure insanity.

Folks seeking medical help avoid Dr Garbarino at all costs he has no idea what he is talking about! White privilege is a progressive narrative that is more or less code language for pulling the race card. Some of these killers came from homes with caring families others not so much. Some came from homes well off others typical middle class family. These mass killers whiteness had nothing to do with their actions. Wealth and color are irrelevant, gang bangers and the like kill indiscriminately just as much as a high-profile mass killer. Tell us Dr Garbarino how many died last weekend in the Killing Fields of Chicago? Hmm, how many? Fact is these high-profile mass killers are all mentally ill and most if not all played VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES. Their actions had nothing to do with large egos, narcissism etc as a result of their “white privilege!! But hey lets not talk about the true common denominator that what these killers submerged themselves in 24/7 they ended up playing out in the real world. Lets blame it on the color of their skin that gives them this alleged privilege and guns!

This is what CNN and all the other networks in the regimes propaganda network are experts in: pushing radical agendas, misinformation and division among Americans!