Kelly File: Texas Border Patrol on the Brink of Collapse

Is it any surprise that illegals are rushing the border?! Obama, Schumer, Gutierrez and even some republicans like Boehner, Cantor and Rubio (Ryan has been silent but he is working on amnesty) have more or less been ringing the “dinner bell” for illegals to raid our border. All of them have been talking publicly about moving on immigration reform ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY bill before Congress breaks for summer recess. Our border patrol is not getting the help they need because this admin and Congress choose not to give them the funding they need. Congress lied to Reagan in ’86 and they’re about to screw us all again!

If it not for people like Dennis Michael Lynch most Americans would be in the dark about how bad it is at the border with progressives claiming all is well. The regime of course is cooking the books on deportations counting those turned away/ around to beef up their stats to justify “something has to be done right now”! Our country is literally being invaded by people who have no regard let alone respect for our laws. they care only for themselves and how much “free stuff” they can get off the backs of hard-working tax paying Americans. Congress will never act to secure the border because their goal is to find a way to legalize these people to keep them in power.

Are you listening and paying attention America? Your elected leaders don’t care about the state of the economy, national security (as DML points out), the lack of jobs or you! Their focus is how to reward and legalize criminals to get their votes. One has to wonder if the people of America even care!? These reports haven’t stopped but have only increased yet there is no response from the American people! No marches, protests, sit-ins, recall elections against those pushing amnesty. Sorry to say when and if the people come out of this self-induced coma it will be too late. I find myself agreeing with Lynch run out of things to say not about the border but Americans complete silence on amnesty!

Waves of immigrant minors present crisis for Obama, Congress
by Richard Cowan |
– Tens of thousands of children unaccompanied by parents or relatives are flooding across the southern U.S. border illegally, forcing the Obama administration and Congress to grapple with both a humanitarian crisis and a budget dilemma.

An estimated 60,000 such children will pour into the United States this year, according to the administration, up from about 6,000 in 2011. Now, Washington is trying to figure out how to pay for their food, housing and transportation once they are taken into custody.

The flow is expected to grow. The number of unaccompanied, undocumented immigrants who are under 18 will likely double in 2015 to nearly 130,000 and cost U.S. taxpayers $2 billion, up from $868 million this year, according to administration estimates.

The shortage of housing for these children, some as young as 3, has already become so acute that an emergency shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, has been opened and can accommodate 1,000 of them, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in an interview with Reuters.

The issue is an added source of tension between Democrats and Republicans, who disagree on how to rewrite immigration laws. With comprehensive legislation stalled, President Barack Obama is looking at small, administrative steps he could take, which might be announced this summer. No details have been outlined but immigration groups are pressing him to take steps to keep families with children together.

The minors flooding over the border are often teenagers leaving behind poverty or violence in Mexico and other parts of Central America such as Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are sometimes seeking to reunite with a parent who is already in the United States, also without documentation…more