Obama Accepts Shinseki’s Resignation

So Eric Shinseki is out but the problems with the VA is still with us. He should have been fired when this mess first started but usually one in the obama regime behind a scandal never faces termination. Shinseki’s resignation doesn’t dismiss the disservice our vets have been subjected to and it won’t fix what’s wrong either. We still don’t know who is behind all of this to begin with.

Fact is the problems with the VA are a symptom of a larger problem with a govt run program. The VA scandal is a clear look into our future under govt run healthcare. The VA is single payer healthcare, and although obamacare isn’t it is the vehicle to get there. All dems including his majesty have said single payer is their end goal. If obama thinks Shinseki’s resignation will take attention away from that he is gravely mistaken. While we focus on getting our vets taken care of the message of how disastrous govt run healthcare is needs to be pushed even louder. The regime will do its best to bury this as they do with all their scandals. Knowing Americans record on remembering stories like this the regime will most likely be successful.