Fmr Fed Prosecutor McCarthy: Boehner Not Calling for Select Committee for Benghazi Inexplicable

Jay Carney will go down in history as one of the worst if not the worst WH Press Secretary and it suits him along with working for the worst POTUS in history. John Boehner is as much of a problem with all these scandals as those behind them. He knows more than what we all know! Let that stew for a minute….

Why would the head opposition leader not want to take action against this corrupt administration knowing what he knows?! The Speaker is a progressive and he is protecting his fellow progressives (aka patient communists) to continue this lie that the people have representation in DC. Boehner’s lack of action to appoint special prosecutors on the IRS, DOJ, Fast & Furious and Benghazi scandals demand his removal as speaker. His silence indicates clear complicity with the destruction of the US.

As I have said countless times we are on our own. Not even our warriors, who swore an oath to country, seem to care that the nation is crumbling before our eyes!