Pelosi Calls Latest Benghazi Development a “Diversion”

This administration caught red-handed LYING to the American people about a terrorist attack that left 4 Americans dead, many others injured, to secure a re-election for the worst president in US history is a diversion!? This coverup is a coverup of this corrupt criminal administration committing TREASON running guns into the middle east aiding and abetting our enemies, Al Qaeda, is a diversion!!??

No name calling, no making a mockery of Pelosi but America when are you going to wake up? Those of you who took an oath swearing to protect and defend against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, what for the Love of God are you waiting for? Our “leaders” like Pelosi are complicit with the destruction of this country. Pelosi is trivializing what happened 9/11/12 and the months leading up to that day is beyond shameful but dangerous. The fact she is playing this off should be a red flag that she like others in DC, like McCain, most likely played a role in what happened as far as sending aid aka arming our enemies.

Are you all too busy with work, kids, ball game, what Kim Kardashian is up to, to care? If what is happening was under a republican president the left would be marching on DC right now demanding the presidents impeachment and if Congress refuses they would be initiating recall elections on those complicit politicians. The lack of will to act by Americans shows how far we have fallen, it shows how much power YOU have ceded to the left and the political elites.

This nation has been fundamentally transformed when the people refuse to act.