Allen West: Charlie Rangel is “Stuck on Stupid” Calling TEA Party Racist

Charlie Rangel is DC’s version of a Sharpton and Jackson race hustler. West hammered Rangel over his race baiting comments while ignoring real issues like the lack of jobs or Mayor de Blasio cutting funding to inner city charter schools that affect Rangel’s constituents.

Why liberals go to the race card? West explains “very simple because you have a constituency that is trapped on a liberal progressive economic plantation in the 21st century and they want to make sure that they stay there. They want to make sure that they continue to demonize and castigate Constitutional conservatives irrespective of color, irrespective of race or gender or any of those divisive factors that the liberals like to use, because they’re afraid of losing control losing power.”

In other words the left has nothing of substance to argue or make their case for their radical agenda. They must keep those they pander to in a corner while pumping them up with lies that conservatives hate them over color, race or gender. The divisive rhetoric unfortunately works and the progressives know this, it has been working for them for over 100 years. Why conservatives do not take the fight to them over these lies is beyond me. It is as if they fear being called a racist vs proving they aren’t by taking action to show liberals are the ones who are the problem. We can only hope those trapped in the “liberal progressive economic plantation” will wake up as those in Chicago did a few months ago.

You want to turn the tides America on the left? You need to reach out to the people in the inner cities. They are hurting and know they are being screwed but since they never hear from the boogeymen to show they are not so bad they maintain status quo keeping monsters like Charlie in power. The way to remove the cancer in DC is to go after their constituency and show them they are being used. Wake up the inner cities, like in Chicago, and you destroy the liberal progressive machine. Progressives are banking on these people keeping them in power!