Liberal Columnist: Amb Stevens Wasn’t Murdered, It Was Smoke Inhalation

Liberals like Daily Beasts Eleanor Clift are just downright pure evil at this point. They will distort and spin the truth to no end to fulfill their messiah’s promise of fundamental transformation. I blame members of Congress involved in the Benghazi investigation to not putting all the information out on the table. They have everyone fixated on who said what and when and where his majesty was during the attack along with arguing over the video NO ONE WATCHED! WHY Stevens was in Benghazi at a CIA outpost and what he was doing there should be all that is discussed. The gun running operation this admin was involved in should be headlining every single newspaper and news site.

You will never hear Clift or any of her fellow propagandists colleagues write about how the obama administration was arming Al Qaeda. You will never hear the majority f Congress speak about it either because many of them were probably involved to some degree facilitating the arms and funds to get the guns from point A to point B! Benghazi is the biggest cover up in US history IMO because so many hands are covered in blood!