Pelosi On Illegals: ‘We Cannot Prohibit A Path To Citizenship’

Um oh yes you can if the nation’s security and economic survival is a priority! Nanzi Pelozei like all progressives wants a comprehensive immigration bill pushed through because she knows whatever goes through the House will be joined with RubioCare (passed by the Senate) in Conference producing a monster bill that will dwarf barackobamacare! If Congress is serious about immigration they would pass a border security bill. They won’t because they want to legalize the 11-20 million illegal aliens in the US giving them voting rights which will keep the dems in power indefinitely! The end goal is to have one party rule in which we have already seen the kind of chaos that follows via Detroit, Chicago, and California!

Sad to say there is a good chance amnesty will be passed this summer. It appears conservatives, TEA Party, 9/12 etc type groups are too busy with other issues to care. The regime has done an outstanding job keeping the American people distracted with the mountain of scandals going on that John “Crybaby” Boehner will push amnesty before the midterm elections. The energy level is not even a fraction of what it was in 2009-10 when the people were up in arms against obamacare, and we saw how that ended. That said if a bill is brought to the floor for the vote I have no doubt it will pass.

America you have been warned repeatedly, if this happens you will have no one to blame but yourselves this time around!