IRS Can’t Produce Records From Six Employees Involved In Scandal

Could the criminal intent be any more clear at this point? The IRS is deliberately destroying material evidence in an investigation! If you or I were to do this we would be in jail. There is no accountability in the US govt, not even with those charged to investigate this scandal. All we should be hearing is the slamming of prison cell doors at this point, but we won’t and never will!

The obama regime constantly breaks the law, destroys evidence and no one is doing anything about it. Oh wait Congress is doing something they are going to hold more hearings and form more committees to look into it all.Tell you what America, get in trouble with the law or IRS and pull the “my dog ate my homework” line and see how far you get! These govt agencies and elected leaders have switched roles on us. They are supposed to be servants to the people but they have become our masters because Americans are too busy!

American people know more about celebrities and athletes than their govt, and that boys and girls will be your undoing!


IRS Has Lost More E-mails…
By Eliana Johnson | National Review

It’s not just Lois Lerner’s e-mails. The Internal Revenue Service says it can’t produce e-mails from six more employees involved in the targeting of conservative groups, according to two Republicans investigating the scandal.

The IRS told Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp and subcommittee chairman Charles Boustany that computer crashes resulted in additional lost e-mails, including from Nikole Flax, the chief of staff to former IRS commissioner Steven Miller, who was fired in the wake of the targeting scandal.

The revelation about Lerner’s e-mails rekindled the scandal and today’s news has further inflamed Republicans. Camp and Boustany are now demanding a special prosecutor to investigate “every angle” of the targeting. They expressed particular outrage that the agency has known since February that it would not be able to produce the e-mails requested by the committee yet did not apprise the committee of that fact, and they charged in a statement that the IRS is attempting to “cover up the fact that it convenient lost key documents in the investigation.”

If Lerner is the central figure in the scandal — Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa said Monday evening he believes she was the senior-most official involved — Flax may be an important auxiliary figure. E-mails produced in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the group Judicial Watch show Flax giving the green light to Lerner’s request to meet with Department of Justice officials to explore the possibility of criminally prosecuting nonprofit groups — at the suggestion of Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse — for engaging in political activity after declaring on their application for nonprofit status that they had no plans to do somore