O’Reilly Hammers Kirsten Powers For Saying “Every Child That Comes Into This Country We Should Take Care Of”

Mark my words America these “refugees” are going to be granted amnesty ASYLUM! You can bank on it that if Congress doesn’t move on an illegal alien amnesty bill his majesty will unilaterally act to let illegals refugees stay here permanently; just as Rep Gutiérrez and Sen Schumer have threatened.

The threat to our country economically, socially and medically (illegals are bring numerous communicable diseases over) and general national security at the border cannot be stressed enough. We are literally being invaded by design from the obama administration, this is Cloward & Piven in full effect. We do not have the money to care for those coming over being held in detention centers. They are being flown & bused off to states around the country to become John and Jane Homemakers problem! While our border is invaded an estimated 40% of agents have been pulled off the border to babysit and change diapers while the sick, criminals, drug dealers and terrorists stroll right across!

Now for this liberal progressive POS Kirsten Powers, making the most insane comment of the year that the US should take care of all the illegal children, I have but one simple challenge. Ms Powers get you progressive ass to the border, pick up 5 kids under the age of 3, bring them back to your home and care for them! You must pay for/ provide food, clothing, medical care, daycare, education etc for these children. You are not permitted to get one cent from any govt program or agency to care for them! It is time to put your money where your mouth is. You think America should care for them fine you lead the way, otherwise I suggest you shut your F$%^&*$ mouth!!