Gohmert: Obama Will Not Secure The Border [Watch]

Gohmert pretty much spelled it out, obama has no intentions of securing the border. The chaos the emperor is creating on the border is to not only turn Texas blue but all parts of the nation illegal aliens are being shipped out to! Step two of this mater plan is to collapse the system, classic Cloward and Piven put to into action. His majesty wants $3.7 billion to set up more facilities and feed the illegals where that money should be sent secure our border! Instead obama just wants to spend more money we don’t have!

There is no way Congress can pass any form of comprehensive immigration reform now or in the future because obama cannot be trusted. He has proven through obamacare he will abuse the law at will with his pen. Democrats like Schumer say pass the law now and have it go into effect in 2017 after he is out. Well that sounds great but what if Hillary runs and wins? What if some other radical comes out of the shadows, like obama did, and wins who takes what he has done and dwarfs it? No sorry, no immigration reform bill should ever come to the House floor for a vote. A simple straight and short border security bill should be passed. Lock the border down first then we can have a discussion on what to do with illegals and take the next step. Comprehensive bills under this Congress cannot be trusted they are loaded with pork, have loopholes, give more power to the government etc they cannot be trusted.

We are as Louie says a nation of laws and they must be followed. Compassion is needed but we need to focus that compassion on Americans FIRST! People do not realize the jobs that will be lost, the health risks we are being subjected to, the legitimate national security threat we are under with this border wide open. That $3.7 billion could go a long way in creating some jobs, feeding the homeless, education and getting better care to our veterans! No one on the left wasn’t any of this addressed but it will be! Enough is enough!