Sarah Palin Doubles Down Her Call to Impeach Obama: Don’t Bring a Lawsuit to Gunfight! [Watch]

Palin defends her position for the imperial emperor to be impeached calling Congress out to stop with the talk and take action. She torched the idea of Boehner filing a lawsuit against obama for his abuse of power stating you don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight!

We have a grocery list of legitimate violations committed by the lawless president that dwarf what Nixon did who resigned just over the threat of impeachment. We have Constitutional attorneys (Jonathan Turley & Mark Levin) on both sides of the aisle pointing out the dangers and damage this “president” poses to this nation.

Sadly nothing will happen because of this inept impotent Congress. Dc is broken and we get what we deserve in a government who allows this man to commit fraud and many impeachable offenses daily. Congress didnt have the cojones to defund obamacare does anyone really believe they will impeach this lawless president?

Palin should leave the republican party and get the ball rolling to what has been said here and many other place: the GOP is going the way of the Whig Party. These people do not care about any of us, they are self-centered egotistical social paths just like obama. The will do anything it take to hold onto to power. that said its time for us to take that power away reminding them we are the masters they are the servants. If leaving the GOP costs an election or two so be it! The GOP was born from a bunch of extremists and within 4 years gave this nation Abraham Lincoln! It is time for a new party to give rise to the next Lincoln or Washington!