Obama Executive Action Could Lead to Legal Status For 5 Million Illegals [Watch]

“Could”… it’s safe to assume amnesty/ asylum will be decreed probably after his majesty’s nth vacation, because he is so exhausted from fundraisers, campaign speeches and using his magic pen to legislate from the imperial throne room.

Our system of govt was deliberately set up to avoid being under a dictator and that is what we have right now. Congress knows this and is complicit with the tyranny being leveled against Americans. Sen Sessions and a few rebels in the republican party need help but it would appear the American people are too busy. Leftists motivate, activate and take action very quickly putting their time and money where their mouth is. The right, too busy and usually wants to have meetings about having meeting about what they would like to do!

When obama grants amnesty/ asylum how many Americans will complain? Many will probably be the same ones sitting around bitching and complaining waiting for someone to come along and do something too!

Obama is in cruise control now completing fundamental transformation. He has destroyed healthcare, ruined relations with our allies while diminishing US power & influence around the world. His socialist/ communist anti-business/capitalism agenda has been put in motion to destroy our economy where all that is needed now is an influx of illegals to crash the system. How? Where are these people going to live? Who is going to feed them? Take note America those coming into the US ARE NOT the best and brightest from wherever they are coming from. We are receiving bottom feeders looking for handouts, handouts progressives (R’s & D’s) will be more than happy to give out at the US taxpayers expense. The systems we have in place now are unsustainable what do you thinks going to happen when 5-11 million more people want to tap the system?? Collapse… its coming one way or another!