Rep Trey Gowdy Rips IRS Commissioner John Koskinen… AGAIN [Watch]

For the third time now Trey Gowdy put IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in his place. How much more evidence is needed to show the IRS is completely corrupt organization, now fully weaponized against the American people? This investigation is fine and dandy for entertainment purposes we get, like in this video, but it is time for action. It is time for the IRS to be abolished replaced with a FLAT tax, not a fair tax.

You would think Congress would get right on this but they won’t. No they’re quite busy blaming each other for Americans downfall while coming up with legislation to silence the people. You see both sides know whatever party controls the majority will use the agency to punish its opposition so there is no benefit to either side to rid this effective tool at their disposal. DC has no intentions of doing anything for the benefit of the American people.