Dems Sheila Jackson Lee & James McGovern Call House Border Bill “Martial Law”

I think Sheila Jackson Lee wants actual martial law under her boy king, she seems quite fixated on it since the last time she ranted about it. Don’t know what McGovern’s story is but like typical progressives they love to use extreme rhetoric to demonize the impotent republican party. There is no martial law with regards to the border bill and it shouldn’t even be on the table right now. All these idiots had to do was change the existing law to accelerate deportation process. But no they want to create another legislative monster with God knows what buried in it! And you know NONE of them will read whatever is being drafted that they will vote for!

I’m going to say it again because people are not listening. Any border/ immigration bill passed in the House will open the door to a Trojan Horse amnesty bill when it goes to the Senate. Dems have been begging for anything border/ immigration related to be passed in the House so they can take it to Conference and merge it with the Senates immigration bill.

DC phones lines should be melting right now, better yet the capital should be flooded with protestors against the border bill. Congress is going to screw each and every one of us for their new first class citizens aka voters.

Amnesty IS coming….