Fmr Black Panther Head Malik Shabazz to CNN: ‘There Are Intentional Provocateurs,’ ‘Plants’ Trying to Provoke Police

Really Jake & CNN!? Do you know who this man really is? Of course there are ‘intentional provocateurs’ Shabazz is one of the many ringleaders behind it! He the former head of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and a CERTIFIED racist & anti-Semite! Just a few days ago Shabazz spoke at a Ferguson press conference telling Capt Johnson they want to keep the peace then a video surfaced with him leading a chant calling for the death of the officer who shot Michael Brown! Dont take my word for it watch it here… Shabazz wants the people and kids to listen to him so he and his radical revolutionary crony friends can brainwash people!

Tapper is one of the better journalists out there, there is no way he doesn’t know who this charlatan is, shame on him! The real trouble started up in Ferguson when Shabazz, Sharpton, Jackson, NBPP, Nation of Islam and few other groups showed up, who are all magnets for anarchists and revolutionaries who want to see chaos in the streets.

This is why CNN will continue to be attacked and criticized DAILY by Americans who do not trust this network… they are pathetic and the ratings prove it!