Rep Gutiérrez​ in Spanish: GOP ‘Want to Punish Our Community’; Leaves Out in English Remarks

This just goes to show you how devious and evil this SOB truly is. Like Mark Levin says Gutiérrez is a “vile race baiter”. This man lies as much as obama, here is what the little marxist said in spanish:

They know he’s [obama] going to act soon — they want to maintain this crisis to condemn our community, a community without rights for our kids at this moment, our DREAMers, and for millions of others that the president has said he wants to help. That’s what they want. They want to punish our community, and that punishment will be met with an electoral punishment. Be assured that we are not going to forget the mistreatment our community has received.
h/t NRO

No one is punishing anyones community, this crisis is manufactured by the obama regime and I contend Gutiérrez played a role in it since he has bragged repeatedly about meeting with obama on this. Also take note America you are second class citizens to this dirtbag and his ilk. All he cares about is getting votes so the dems can hold onto their power to implement their socialist/marxist policies by getting new pool of illegal alien voters.

If he cares so much about the kids why isn’t he condemning their parents/caregivers that made them travel up to and over 2000 miles alone with no food,money or security? Better yet if he cares so much for hispanic children why has he abandoned those hispanic legal children in the US who come from homes with parents unemployed, living in poverty etc? Why does he hate all the white, black, middle eastern, asian children in the US who are just as bad off as those coming into the US illegally?

Gutiérrez is hardcore marxist/socialist using race to gin up support by the uninformed to bring the US down. He is actively advising obama on how to bypass the law undermining our sovereignty.

Stay tuned more to come on this jerk later…